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Stop to Go

I reflected in a previous post about being physically stopped recently and being fully sidelined (again) from a sport I love - triathlon. I was not able to walk due to fractures in both feet. 

The time off gave me an unmatched stretch of time to reflect.  The reflection yielded an epiphany that changed my life.  I decided in that week to launch the coaching company of which I have dreamt my whole life, but had been too busy to pursue fully.  

It was ironically in being stopped, that I was finally able to truly GO and become who I am meant to be in the world.  In not being able to walk, I took the exhilarating steps into actualizing a dream.  

Where have you found yourself stopped in some way that proved to be an avenue to going in a more meaningful direction?  #AHAInsight #StoptoGo

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