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Commit Me

Dedication, devotion, commitment. These are all synonyms for pledging one's whole self to a task or purpose or another person.  When we think of commitment, most of us think of committing to someone else. We're not in that equation. All real commitment ultimately begins with making and keeping promises with oneself; and faithfully showing up day-in, day-out to honor this commitment.  

I used to fear commitment. I saw it as closing off options. Triathlon training at any level, like any endurance event, brings you face-to-face with the big "C" word.

A former triathlete, this sport altered my experience and understanding of commitment, with myself, loved ones, and purposes I profess to commit to.  For the better.

Through triathlon training, I learned what it means to show up day-in, day-out whether or not I feel like it, or want to that day.  I know that to not show up (short of any injury or illness that must take precedence) is to cheat myself as every day is a choice to get stronger, or to backslide. You can't lie to your body.

Even now, recognizing that every day brings this choice, reinforces my understanding of commitment as something that is not 'one and done."  Truest commitment is a living, breathing covenant that is renewed every day, and sometimes even every moment.

And it feels great. #AHAInsight

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