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Access Consciousness® Body Processes

Go beyond words to become all of you.


April offers half-day and full-day Access Consciousness® Body Process workshops that use different hand placements (e.g., heart, head, kidney) to activate your body's innate intelligence, cultivate resilience and release stress deeply held in the body. These dynamic, deep-relaxation techniques empower you to change your life from the inside out. More than 50 processes are available including Access Bars®, and they are unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Bring your friends and family and leave with a built-in network of trading partners.


April is a Certified Access Consciousness® Body Process Facilitator and Bars Facilitator and part of a Washington, DC-based team invited to run Bars with our nation's combat veterans at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Upgrade your well-being, upgrade your life.

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